Mar 122015

Social Media strategy and growth hacking for Twitter and Facebook

We've resumed how you should address Social Media. We've also added some growth hacking strategies for using Twitter and Facebook.

Mar 102015

5 reasons why training your future employees might be the best way to hire them.

How do you recruit great people and at the same time make sure that they fit the company culture? Why not create a Bootcamp for future candidates? Invest in training a group of people. In return, you'll have the opportunity to recruit the best candidates!

Mar 032015

Simple steps to get your WordPress website running

This post takes you quickly through the different steps to get your website running. You'll see how to quickly find a good domain name and you'll be guided along how to create your first Wordpress website.

Mar 022015

A fun WordPress tutorial for beginners

Nothing is so complex that it cannot be explained simply. In this Wordpress tutorial, you'll learn the basics of Wordpress so that you can quickly understand and get started with Wordpress.

Feb 272015

How I finally got my father to understand how web pages works

The basics of web pages so that even your grandparents can understand! Read this and you should start have a lot of more fun when creating your online business.

Feb 232015

How to get massive traffic from Product hunt

Learn the strategies for how to use and get featured on Product Hunt so that you can get massive traffic and user feedback.

Feb 212015

Applications that will help you automate your startup

Automation is key for startups to focus on the core of the business and drive business forward. Check these simple growth hacking strategies for your business...

Feb 182015

Seo for dummies- simple tips to get started with your SEO

Simple but targeted tips for beginners in SEO. Based on our experience, we've created a simple guide to get started with your SEO.

Feb 162015

10 Startup interview questions to ask your future hire

You cannot afford to hire an average person for your company. Your first employee will be defining the culture of your business. Make sure to hire the right people from the start and get help with our 10 interview questions.

Feb 092015

Learn Excel fast with the 5 best free excel tutorials

Excel is still an important tool to create budgets and business models. I’ve gone through over a hundred websites, and here’s the best and most user-friendly resource for Excel.