A complete list of the best free excel tutorials and some more

Excel is still an  important tool for entrepreneurs, startups and businesses regarding budgets, accounting, and financials. I’ve gone through over a hundred Excel tutorial websites, and here’s the best and most user-friendly resource I’ve found.

5 Best free Excel tutorials- (top 4 are video tutorials)

1.  I personally used Excel Central to learn Excel. In this course, you can keyword search different classes you need. But if you are a beginner, the course takes you step by step towards becoming an excel expert. The video tutorials are complete, well explained and easy to follow. With every tutorial also comes a spreadsheet you can practice on.  And the offers Excel courses in Office 2007, 2010 and 2013. For free, you have access to 4 free video tutorials every 12 hours (from one computer). If you want unlimited access, I would say it’s almost given away for free (7,99 dollars for one year) for a top online course. Courses are for beginner, intermediates and experts.

1- Excel central

2.  With ImproveyourExcel.com , you have access to many all videos for free. You also have access to all Excel sheets used in the video. The user experience is pretty good with a clean design. The website is mostly adapted if to medium level Excel users that know what they need to improve. For beginners, it’s difficult to find out where to start.

3.  There’s also a good Youtube Channel by Learn Excel Function take takes beginners through Excel from the beginning. There are over 60 videos, and they include both Excel 2010 and 2013. You’ll also have access to Excel sheets used.

4.  On Udemy, you can also find very good Excel courses for free, for all levels. Udemy is a course marketplace created by professionals. Class quality varies, so do some quick research to find which one fits you the best.

  1. Learn Excel offline is an app on Android. Once installed, you can have access to a list of free excel tutorials offline on your smartphone. The Excel app is for beginners and should take you all the way up an intermediate level. It’s a good alternative when you are on the run. You can also follow the tutorials while practicing your skills on your computer.

A really good paid option is on Lynda.com where you can choose among over 80 Excel courses that covers all levels. One of the most popular Excel course for beginners is Dennis Taylor’s Excel Essential training . Lynda offers a pretty complete learning experience and you’ll also have unlimited access to thousands of other courses for 25$ per month.

Lynda Excel courses

You’ll also probably encounter some Excel difficulties, so here are additional free excel tutorials from excel communities:

Excel communities:

  • http://stackoverflow.com/ is the easier website to find answers to relatively complicated questions
  • http://www.excelforum.com/ is a forum with a big and active community
  • Mr.Excel Forum . It is a bit more users than excelforum, but the site, in general, is super commercial. Except the forum, I wouldn’t use Mr.Excel. It looks like a cheap bazaar with hundreds of sellers jumping over you.

In any case, the quickest thing to do, whenever you have an Excel problem, you do a Google search. Mostly, you don’t need forums.

  • If you are really struggling, you can also contact experts directly using AllExperts. They have several Excel experts waiting to answer you. You can also search and review questions asked in the past.

Other resources:

  • Excel Keyboard shortcuts– 222 Excel shortcuts for Mac and Windows
  • Excel shortcuts

  • Excel Function dictionary full list of functions- (not including VBA)
  • Learning Excel fast with mostly text and photos Free excel tutorials for beginners that learn faster with photos or while reading.
  • Vertex42 has good spreadsheet templates. E.g. invoice, budget, calendar templates…
  • Spreadsheetpage.com allows you to find Add-ins and developer programs. Contains  useful and pre-programmed spreadsheets (Word clock, the smiling chart, Hangman game). It also has add-ins and developer downloads.
  • Laso, if you want Great graphics to your PowerPoint using Excel Data, check out Think Cell and MekkoGraphics (these two softwares are not free).

Marimekko slide

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