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The odin project

The Odin Project

The odin project

Chapters of the Odin project

“Nowadays it is simple to find gazillions of free resources online. When you would like to learn something new, you just Google it. It is easy. What is not easy is to obtain knowledge on how to progress.

Usually, with all these resources you have, there is no curriculum or a roadmap to get to know which path to follow first.”

If you want to become a web developer, you probably don’t know where to start. You may have many books, courses, videos and all these other stuff. The problem was having a roadmap to follow, step by step, to get hired as a web developer.

This isn’t a problem anymore:

In January 2015, I discovered “ The Odin Project “. This is a complete compilation of free online resources, leading you step by step from nil to get hired as a web developer.

It has been divided in 7 big chapters in which you can learn about everything you need. And the best part: You will be working on real projects during the course, which you can then add to your portfolio.

The odin project

From chapter 2, what you will learn and build with the Odin project.

Beware, as “The Odin Project” is not a Sunday stroll. You will need about 1000 hours to complete everything to be fully prepared for your first interview. I hope you do not believe in all that nonsense saying that you can become a valuable web developer just in one month. This can be accomplished only through an appropriate workload. However, I assure you that you will not regret participating in “The Odin Project”.

Just after 4 months of doing it every day I have got my first job offer as a web developer (and I did not complete everything yet). For me, it has been pretty amazing. So, don’t wait and start learning now!”

Level Beginner
Duration 1000 hours
Course Become a web developer
Certificate No, but the course aims at helping you show your skills through your own website.
Price /time Completely free
Provider The Odin project

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