• Alternative business courses

4 alternative courses that will boost your business and marketing skills

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What about an NLP or a hypnosis course to improve your business skills? Check out our alternative courses that might just boost your confidence and your business and marketing skills.

  • Productive enough

32 productivity tips to get more stuff done fast

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Productivity is freedom. Learn to stay focused on one task while doing it fast without getting tired. Here’s is the productivity guide with 32 productivity tips to make you freer.

  • Productivity improvement techiques

Productivity improvement techniques to get things done

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I told myself I wanted to get more stuff done and be happy with my day when I go to bed. The book "Getting things done" has changed my life, so i created a short summary about how to apply the book.

  • old computer

One MOOC to rule them all

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Rodrigo finished his degree, took the MOOC "how to learn" and figured he hadn't really learned much at college. Now he's on a quest to start over again.