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From innovation and Commercialization


Innovation and commerzialisation

Game theory

Game theory course

Improve your negotiation skills by learning how to argue

As an entrepreneur, you want to trusted, convincing and a good negotiator. Many fail because their argument lack logic. In this course you'll learn to argue as well as noticing manipulators.

How to start a startup

Sam Altman seem to have designed the course, he is the president of Y Combinator. He has an investor point of view and will give you facts and numbers about successful startups

Learn a language fast (2 weeks)

Learn a language fast with the man that taught you a language in 5 days! Maybe the best language method to learn a language fast and correctly!

Outsourcing for startups

If you have a business, you should absolutely outsource! Yipit co-founder, James Moran, tells why and how he outsources- A must watch (will relieve you of pains)

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