Mar 062015

Design Foundations of Layout and Composition

Layout and composition is one the pillars to understand design. This course is great for entrepreneurs that are new to design and want to better understand how to create a greatly designed virtual product.

Feb 192015

Improve your negotiation skills by learning how to argue

As an entrepreneur, you want to trusted, convincing and a good negotiator. Many fail because their argument lack logic. In this course you'll learn to argue as well as noticing manipulators.

Feb 192015

Learn Google analytics

A top Google Analytics course where you'll learn to optimize traffic and improve the effects of your marketing campaigns.

Feb 132015

Photoshop Crash Course for beginners

For beginners, we found a cheap photoshop tutorial course that is to the point and that will help you to use Photoshop fast!

Feb 112015

Learn Javascript basics

Take a Javascript course for beginners! Javascript is the language that will help you create a great web user experience with interactive pages!

Feb 102015

Introduction to Graphic Design

Beginner course in Graphic design. Great for entrepreneurs on low-budget to quickly learn to design own logos and design own banners.

Feb 052015

How to start a startup

Sam Altman seem to have designed the course, he is the president of Y Combinator. He has an investor point of view and will give you facts and numbers about successful startups

Feb 042015

CSS Layout technics

This course will help you to understand and apply the latest CSS technics. Throughout the course, Guil will show how to build a menu and create custom layouts using different positioning methods.

Feb 022015

Copywriting for newbies

You only have 3 to 4 seconds to appeal and get your point across to your potential users, this short course will enable you to find out how get the most out of those few seconds.

Feb 012015

Content marketing for new marketers

if you have a blog or some content marketing on your website, this video can help you optimize your content marketing from the start.