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Sales and Marketing

Copywriting for newbies

You only have 3 to 4 seconds to appeal and get your point across to your potential users, this short course will enable you to find out how get the most out of those few seconds.

Content marketing for new marketers

if you have a blog or some content marketing on your website, this video can help you optimize your content marketing from the start.

How to build a startup- Customer development process

With his 30 years of entrepreneurship experience in Silicon Valley, Steve Blank takes you through the basics of customer development process.

Reddits co-founder explain how to build a community

In How to build a community, Reddit co-founder Alexis impresses you by how way he treats his customers while persuading you to do the same.

Growth Hacking and User Acquisition for Startups

If you are not familiar with the concept of growth hacking and user acquisition, you should absolutely watch this course for your business.

Learn Landing page basics

This is a great introduction with lots of practical examples to optimize your landing pages. We all want to optimize landing pages for conversions. This course show you how!