Chapter 4- Get a “professional” experience

It always helps to get additional professional experience to consolidate your insights and to learn more. At this step, your are strongly recommend to get do SEO internships or Freework or a full-time SEO position. At the end of this Chapter, I’ll have an SEO section for SEO opportunities in Europe.

Step 1- Define how much time you have available

Before you decide to get an external experience, set up your priorities. If your website is popular and it requires a lot of work, then figure out how much time you have. Find out how many hours you have available to work for someone else.

Step 2- Do an internship, do freework, find a full-time SEO position or do some Freelance work

You should have in mind that SEO skills are highly demanded, especially by e-commerce companies.

If you want to Freelance and offer your services directly, I recommend that you check this course about outsourcing. It shows how you can learn to outsource your outsourcing. Also, research what clients normally expects so that you can understand what clients expect in terms of reporting and results.

For example, some clients expect weekly reports, other monthly. You should, therefore, take a look at reporting tools such as SEMRush or BrightEdge.

Task for Chapter 4:

  • Define available time
  • Get a external professional SEO position

Tasks for own website:

  • Daily: Contact blogs for link building
  • Daily or Weekly: Monitor and analyze traffic on Google Analytics
  • Weekly: Posts for newsletter or blog
  • Weekly or biweekly: Read and apply resources + learn SEO ranking factors
  • Biweekly or monthly: On-page and off-page SEO analysis

SEO tools

Great resources to analyze your on-page SEO:———————————————————————

Checks your Keyword rankings


Website Analytics

Checks all website analytics- Is used to check website’s analytics before establishing partnerships

Website Page Speed

SEO reporting Tools

Link checkers


Finding great content

Creating great content


Posts and SEO Blogs to follow

You won’t find many people more qualified in SEO than these guys (they live for SEO):

Ranking factors:


WordPress SEO Plugins:

I recommend compressing images on Photoshop, Iphoto (on Mac) or Tinyjpg. Too many plugins slow your site down.


Online course platforms


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