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Psychology of colors with Mary Jane Begin

Learning and understanding the psychology of colors is one of magicians secret cards. For online entrepreneurs, understanding some simple secrets will be a time saver for improved A/B testing!

Foundations of Typography

Get a great introduction to one of the pillars of Graphic Design. Great course to understand typography so that entrepreneurs can better manage your product.

Design Foundations of Layout and Composition

Layout and composition is one the pillars to understand design. This course is great for entrepreneurs that are new to design and want to better understand how to create a greatly designed virtual product.

Photoshop Crash Course for beginners

For beginners, we found a cheap photoshop tutorial course that is to the point and that will help you to use Photoshop fast!

Introduction to Graphic Design

Beginner course in Graphic design. Great for entrepreneurs on low-budget to quickly learn to design own logos and design own banners.

Gamify your business

Great and easy gamification course to follow with Kevin Werbach. The course is free but only available 5-6 months per year.

Learn visual basic online: with Stanford lecturer

Understand the basics of visual design to quickly learn to improve your design and to better manage your design team.

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