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How to get an internship at Google?

Associate marketing manager at Google, Amily He, says that students must show entrepreneurial skills in order to stand out in the masses of internship applicants! Google looks for people who are self-starters, initiative takers and active pursuing their passions! More on fastcocreate.

Self-motivation, passion and entrepreneurship is crucial as Google interns are expected to contribute and make an impact!

Our track is aimed to differentiate yourself in front of Google’s recruiters! This track By following this track, you’ll highly increase your chances of getting recruited.

1) Create your own website

When you want to work for Google, you should be interested in the digital industry! A former Google employee told me that having a blog made the difference for him. In your blog, you should communicate your personality, your passions.

You can also try finding a niche topic and see if you can create a popular website/ blog. To get started:

Team Treehouse has great tutorials on how to build your website using WordPress. I suggest to start with a 14 days free trial through our partnership.

Alternatively you can read and apply our post on how to create your website using WordPress.

Create your own website

Using wordpress
Get a 14 day free trial with team tree house

2) Know everything there is about Google Adwords

97% of Google’s revenue comes from advertising. And Google Adwords is the main source of revenue ($43.7 billion in 2012). To apply to Google, you should be very familiar with their business model. If you become a Google Adwords expert, you’ll know the in’s and out’s of their business model and Google Adwords!

One recruiter at Google told me that the first questions he asks, to both technical and business people, is: What’s are the pro’s and con’s of using Adwords for Businesses.

The best way to learn Adwords is to use it yourself! Once you have your website and some content, try advertising using Adwords’s free budget. Google usually gives between 50 to 100$ to try Adwords when you first sign up. If you host your domain on Bluehost, you’ll also get some extra Google credits.

Also make sure to sign up learn take David Booth’s course on Lynda. He will guide you through everything you need to know to start using Adwords. It will give you an edge when applying for an internship.

In get access to all of Lynda’s courses, you need to pay 25$ per month. I suggest their 10 days free trial in order to complete the course!

Know everything about Google Adwords

Learn from Lynda

Know everything about Google adwords

Click here to take the class from Lynda
Get a 10 days free trial period with Lynda

3) Pass your Google AdWords exam

Google allows you to take an exam so you can be AdWords certified. It is usually aimed at agency that want to promote other’s businesses online.

Passing the exam will

  • Make sure you understood and comprehend everything
  • Show your commitment to succeed

What it will not do:

  • Make you an expert

Think of it like passing the driving licence. You know how to drive a car but you still need more experience in order to be proficient.

Taking the course we mentioned above will be enough to pass the certification. Google also provides a study guide on AdWords.

How to get a internship at Google

Google AdWords study guide

Pass your Google AdWords exam

Get certified from Google

Pass your Google AdWords exam

Take the exam
Pass your Google AdWords exam

4) Open you horizons

Are you more business oriented?

Learn to code

Using Team treehouse
Get a 14 days free trial with team tree house

Learn basic programming skills

If you look at Google criteria to hire engineers they ask them to be proficient in one or more of the following programming languages:

Python, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and/or Unix/Linux.

Right, but you are a business person, so why would you need to know how to code? Well, Google has been built by engineers and has a strong engineering culture.

Learning basics of coding will help you communicate and interact with people within the organization. It also shows that you are eager to learn and make an impact! 

I suggest to start with the basics. HTML, CSS and Javascript is a good start!

Are you more technical oriented?

Learn the basics of Marketing with Eric Ries

Lean startup Eric Ries

Great book, click to be redirected to Amazon.

If you’re more technical, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to get understood by the marketing guys! After all, business is about Sales and marketing!

If you haven’t heard of this book already I suggest going ahead and read it now.

5) Get prepared for the interview with a public speaking class

You want to be confident when speaking to people. Whether you are a business or technical person, You need to understand who you are talking to, how you can relate to that person, and share something meaningful they will remember you for.

I took this class from Lynda about public speaking that will help to communicate your ideas clearly.

Your objectives after this class, will be to go to tech networking events where you will try to connect with people working at Google or XGooglers that will refer you for an internship.

By being referred you will increase your chances of being heard by a potential interviewer and thus increase your chances of getting hired for your future internship.

Learn public speaking

With Lynda
Get 14 day free trial with Lynda

6) Apply and share your experience with us


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