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There are millions of young college students that finish their college without acquiring skills that are demanded in the market. Consequently, they have a hard time finding a job. Just in Spain, Italy, Greece, Romania and Serbia, youth unemployment is above 40%. In addition, there are millions of people that cannot find jobs simply because the market has changed.

Our economies are turning more and more digital, and it is important not to be left behind. We create marketing tracks to guide people to get skills that are highly valuable on the market. By providing the best online courses and resources, there should be no reason people can’t build a brighter future for themselves.

Our tracks are guides so that people get valuable skills by doing! All the tracks are focused on entrepreneurial initiative and to create something for oneself. Either you’ll be successful creating your little business niche, and if not, you’ll be a demanded asset for businesses.

Our team consist of two young learners; one extreme sports fanatic and one psychology enthusiast. In common, we have an insatiable appetite for knowledge and our ambition is to contribute to change the world for the better! We see Elearnhero.com as our starting point for our future plan: Build a school of excellence for children!

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