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Internship at Google Track

Follow this track to understand Google's expectations and get on the track to get the skills to start you dream internship.
Total cost of the track: $52
Average time to complete the track: 25 hours
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The complete SEO Manager Track

In this track, we'll guide you through all the necessary steps to become an SEO Manager as we explore SEO in-depth.
Total cost of the track: $275
Average time to complete the track: 275 hours
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Email Marketing Specialist

In this track, we'll show you how to acquire the skills to use the most popular and effective online marketing tools.
Total cost of the track: $90
Average time to complete the track: 50 hours
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Business Development Manager Track

In this track, you will get guided through the steps to learn all the skills to be a successful business development manager.
Total cost of the track: $25
Average time to complete the track: 55 hours
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Become a Social Media Marketing Manager

Take this track to create your Social Media brand and get the skills needed to become a complete Social Media Marketing Manager.
Total cost of the track: $155
Average time to complete the track: 150 hours
Explore Social media Manager

Become an account manager

Take this track to learn and master the core skills about account management.
Total cost of the track: $25
Average time to complete the track: 35 hours
Happiness: 101%
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Paal, Co-founder at Elearnhero
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Digital Business Tracks in more details

Our mission

At Elearnhero, we know everyone has their life purpose. We create digital business tracks to help you get the job and the life that aspire you. Our mission is to make you responsible for your future.

Business tracks

We believe that if you follow the objectives set in the business tracks, you’ll qualify for the jobs you are looking for. Sure, it requires time and motivation but the rewards are tremendous: You’ll be working on your projects, so you’ll gain insight that will set you apart from other candidates. And who knows, maybe you’ll even start your company.

We encourage you to educate yourself. Not only is there an economic inflation (too much competition because too many people have diplomas), but you usually won’t get the skills the market needs at school. With other words, many young academics are unattractive on the job market. But, above all, you’ll also gain you gain Independence, confidence and psychological liberty to start following your true purpose.

When you possess valuable skills, you’ll have the possibility to financially free. When your are financially free, you can finally start doing what you want in your life!

Be part of it

We’ve created these tracks to help you become valued on the job market! We’ll be introducing more features in the future. With your help, we can make it more adapted to you! Feel free to drop us an email with the stuff you’d love us to provide to help you out. Looking forward hearing from you:)

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