Our mission with Elearnhero is to help people get qualified for digital marketing jobs (by themselves:)
A track at Elearnhero is a page with objectives and curated online course assembled around one topic!
We’ve spent much time taking online courses and watching videos online. We found them because we needed to learn some stuff and looked up for it. Our main criteria for choosing courses is that courses are fun, easy to understand and effective!
We basically don’t make money. Some of the courses we feature are paid courses, on which we take a commission.
We love that you can learn basically everything on the internet. The future of learning is self-learning. When we finished our business studies, we wanted to start our own projects, but found it hard to know what we should learn first and how to get required skills. We had a need and wanted to fill that need!
If you would like to contribute in ideas, content or any other way we will be happy to hear from you on info@elearnhero(dot)com.