Our goal is to help people reach their purpose

EHL_logos04-stamp Only when people have choice, can they strive towards their purpose. With our business tracks, we want people to take responsibility, get valuable skills and create their own future.

Be part of the team

If you want to make history by shaping the future of education, and if you feel compelled by our vision, then join our growing startup. We are a diverse team of problem-solvers that want to make real impact on the world!
Too long have we been told what to do and what to learn. It’s time to take personal responsibility, and start learning for real.


We are looking for front and back-end developer to join us as a partner.

About the opportunity

As our third partner, you’ll be Elearnhero’s CTO. Till now, we’ve relied on WordPress. Now it’s time to take it to the next steps.  As CTO, you will be responsible for building Elearnhero’s platform and managing the technical aspects. It’s also an opportunity to be part of a dynamic team!


  • Product development
  • Building the infrastructure and core features of the website
  • Managing tech-related operations and be part of the tech team

The ideal candidate

  • Passionate about education
  • Familiar with the lean startup approach and philosophy
  • Master latest back- and front-end technology (Node JS, Angular JS, MongoDB, etc. )
  • Know how to write clean code!
  • You feel capable of building a lasting product


Join us as a contributor, an intern, depending on your profile, availability and commitment levels. We are looking for front and back end developers, designers, business and marketing students.

About the opportunity

At Elearnhero, we want people that know the limitation of traditional education and that want to change the status quo! We already have a solid business, marketing and psychology background. Contribute with your ideas and put them into action!

Create your own position

Tell us what you’re good at and why you’re good at it! Convince us that we need to hire you and why we we’ll be missing out on you if we don’t!

In your application, include the following:

  • Your Job Title and Description
  • The stuff you want to work on
  • Why we should consider your application

It’s an unique opportunity to build your dream job. Good luck!

To apply send your CV and motivations to sydney(at)elearnhero.com