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Become a Social Media Marketing Manager

Just on LinkedIn there are 10 000 available Social Media Marketing Manager posts. The thing is that although Social Media is something people have used for almost 10 years now, very few companies fail to incorporate Social Media successfully into their company strategies.

There’s several reasons for it. Some main reasons is that Social Media is a long-term strategy that can takes time. Second, Many Social Media marketers don’t know how to fulfill CEO’s expectations as many only focus on user engagement. But the most important is that Social Media has to become part of the Social Media and the company culture. Social Media Marketing is so much more than it looks like!

In this track, we want you to get the right approach by combining Social values with CEO’s expectations in order to become a highly valuable asset.

Every day, our minds get more digitally emerged. Digital Marketing will only becoming more important to drive customers and users. Every year, new Social Media’s appears. Each channel target different user groups, but they all have different rules that are essentially to understand. The only way to understand them are by using the Social Media’s.

Social Media Marketing

Course Overview

This track is like a game. Your goal is to accumulate as many real followers with a solid a solid Social Media strategy. If you manage to find an interesting niche that interests people, you might just create an interesting business for yourself. With this track, you’ll:

  1. Learn to use the major Social Media’s. That includes the underlying invisible rules.
  2. Have your personal brand or business brand so that you’ll practice and learn by doing
  3. Design, manage and create content.
  4. Analyze your traffic and your performance.
  5. Set and achieve your personal goals.
  6. Create landing pages and drive people to sign up to your  newsletters.

Our philsophy:

  • Do first, and then look at the theory. It’s how you’ll learn the best and the fastest .
  • Learn by yourself: be independent and be self-reliant. You’re learning because you want to, not because someone tells you to.
  • Gain confidence! You’ll receive no diploma, but you’ll have a nice portfolio of skills to show. The business market doesn’t need diplomas; it needs skills!

Note: This course is not a checklist; it’s a guide. It’s made for beginners but is flexible to be used as you want.