4 alternative courses that will boost your business and marketing skills

At the age of 22, both my twin and I signed up for the same course. It was super weird considering 1) we never discussed it 2) we were living in different countries 3) one month prior to signing up, none of us had heard about the course. So which course was it?

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) course with Richard Bandler

And the world has never been the same! Many people even thought I had become part of a sect or even brainwashed, but it couldn’t be further from the truth.

NLP opens your mind up, and you become conscious of how subconscious and robotic we behave and act. You learn to see that you can control your life, that you can condition yourself for almost anything (including being happy almost all the time).

Not surprisingly, this course attracts lots of businessmen, politicians and doctors. First of all, your communication skills improve. You learn to understand, talk and adapt to people you have in front of you! That’s essential for sales, relationship building and good management.

For marketers, they’ll gain a new psychological dimension. One learns how people subconsciously process feelings and experiences through senses. You learn the importance of wording, and who to influence people positively. Best of all, you learn NLP intuitively and effortlessly, especially if you take it with Richard Bandler .


You’ve spent years and years repeating and reinforcing bad habits. With hypnosis, imagine that people can learn to unlearn stuff in a matter of hours as for example smoking. It’s crazy how quickly people can learn anything with hypnosis.

Hypnosis is above all a misunderstood concept. Almost all of us are in hypnotic state most of the day when we sleep, work, drive and even think. “Concentration and meditation are synonyms of hypnosis”.

For marketers, hypnosis will help you understand needs, instincts and the psychology of the subconscious mind. By understanding yourself, you’ll be able to understand others. On the 9th and the 10th of May, I’m attending a hypnosis seminar in London with two of the world’s greatest hypnotist (Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler). I’m super excited about it, and I believe it’s going to be a once in a lifetime experience. I will share some of my insights after the course. By the way, it’s still not too late to join …


“Normal reading is crawling, speed reading walking and photoreading is running.”

A friend of mine can scan a page and remember it. It’s a skill she learned as a little girl. Every day, 10 minutes prior to bedtime, her parents told her that it was soon time to turn off the lights. Therefore, to read as much as possible, she started speeding up her reading to the point where she was able to scan pages.

Imagine being able to read entire books in a matter of minutes by flipping a page per second. It probably sounds too good to be true. Honestly, we shouldn’t be surprised about what our brains can do!

For busy businessmen, the effects can be crazy. We all have a million things we want to read, and this is the technique to boost your reading speed while actually learning the stuff you read. There are many Photoreading course providers worldwide, maybe an idea to check it out?

Consciously, we can process 5-9 bits of information per second, unconsciously; we can process over 4 million bits/ second. Photoreading is subconscious reading combined with techniques to make this information conscious.

Photoreading requires practice. Above all, you have to set aside your rationality and disbeliefs. The reason Neo (in the Matrix) didn’t make his first jump was because he had too many doubts! The philosophy: ‘’don’t think you can, know you can’’. A couple of years ago, I practiced PhotoReading for an entire month, and I didn’t learn it. The point is: every time I practiced, I had too many doubts.

I still had some positive effects from it: My reading speed had increased, my peripheral vision had improved, and my reflexes had for some reason also improved.

Prometheus Rising

This isn’t a course, but a book. But it’s an easy, condensed and easy to read book that will have a greater impact than most of the courses.

For marketers, it’s a guide to understanding personalities (you’re gonna love Leary’s interpersonal grid and the four circuits of human evolution). You’ll also find simple and funny explanations for stuff such as sex habits, sex fantasies and why beauty ideals are turning more and more “Hollywood”. After all, doesn’t a lot of Marketing play on sex?

This book has a profound effect on those that understand it. It might as well also improve your capabilities in recruiting, personal communication and boost your marketing career.

It’s a book that works as a guide with exercises at the end of each chapter. A bit like our Marketing tracks with exercises and objectives at the end of each chapter.