How to hire a developer without being ditched- For entrepreneurs with small budgets and few coding skills

If you’re going to start your business in 2015, it’s probably going to be a digital business of some sort. And if that business requires you to code, you need great developers to be successful unless you’ll have the skills yourself. The challenge is finding good developers.

First the demand for good developers is high. Major tech companies are craving for developers. Just take Silicon Valley, where salaries are in the 100K figures and where the shortage of developers is increasing by the day.

Hire a developer

Then there’s also many good developers working on their own company. And then you’re also competing with other entrepreneurs that are also looking for developers. The question is how do you hire a developer for your company or startup?

Of course, going to different networking events where you might find and connect with developers is a good start. If you’re not already doing it, use . There’s always tech events on Meetup.

But if you go to these events with just an idea and without the slightest of ideas about programming, you’ll be ditched pretty fast. You need to know the basics of programming so that you can know which programming language is best suited for your project.

Good advice is also to start building your prototype- It shows that you are committed and serious about your project.! In any case, first thing is to know the differences between programming languages (C++, Java, Javascript, Perl, PHP, Python, Objective-C, Ruby, Visual Basic…), so that you can find out which languages you should work with to.

As I am currently in this process, I found a great courses on called programming fundamentals, for business people with only a little or no understanding of coding. In the course, Simon Allardice introduces you to programming languages and walks you through the upsides and downsides of different programming languages. A goal of the course is also to be able to execute your first application while understanding how and why the code is executed. What I like is that he explains it in such a way that it can be understood by a child. I usually fall of pretty quickly with technical courses, but this one is concise, easy and straight to the point..

If you are struggling to hire a good developer, you should know that there are many great developers in Eastern Europe. The company in which I worked for before was very successful in finding good developers in Ukraine. But the talent is well spread out in Eastern Europe…

You can check out the course: