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How to get an internship at Google?

Associate marketing manager at Google, Amily He, says that students must show entrepreneurial skills in order to stand out in the masses of internship applicants! Google looks for people who are self-starters, initiative takers and active pursuing their passions! More on fastcocreate.

Self-motivation, passion and entrepreneurship is crucial as Google interns are expected to contribute and make an impact!

Our track is aimed to differentiate yourself in front of Google’s recruiters! This track By following this track, you’ll highly increase your chances of getting recruited.

1) Create your own website

When you want to work for Google, you should be interested in the digital industry! A former Google employee told me that having a blog made the difference for him. In your blog, you should communicate your personality, your passions.

You can also try finding a niche topic and see if you can create a popular website/ blog. To get started:

Team Treehouse has great tutorials on how to build your website using WordPress. I suggest to start with a 14 days free trial through our partnership.

Alternatively you can read and apply our post on how to create your website using WordPress.