How to make a website using WordPress

how to make a website using wordpress

Zac Gordon is a WordPress enthusiast and professional

This course is great for anyone that has no coding knowledge and wants to learn to make a website the easy way. Team Treehouse made a really good job in covering everything you need in order to make a simple website with WordPress. For example, the site you are looking at today is entirely made with WordPress and that didn’t require us to code anything.

The course is composed of videos quizzes and challenges. It won’t allow you to finish the courses if you haven’t passed the relevant questions. Team tree house makes a great job at motivating you with its gamification process. The community is also there to help if you have any course or non-course related questions. See the full review of team tree house here .

Course overview

Course How to make a website using WordPress with Zac Gordon
Level Beginner
Duration 110 mins
Provider Team Treehouse
Price There is a free trial for two weeks and then it’s 25$ a month. It’s totally worth trying.
Certificate Yes, you get a public profile showing which courses you’ve taken and how far you went.
Feedback and interaction Great forum to ask questions and learn from a super active community.

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Installing WordPress, Themes, Customizing, Custom post, WordPress widgets and custom menus, Plugin best practices

how to make a website using wordpress

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