Chapter 5- Become an SEO Manager

There’s two scenarios: Either your website is growing and is profitable either it is not. If you’re not making money, or if you haven’t 10 thousand viewers per month or if your site isn’t growing, now should be a good time to stop your website and leave it. You can go on Flippa and try to sell your website..

In this case, to get SEO manager experience, become a Freelancer that outsources SEO to other Freelancers.

If you are managing your own website:

Step 1 – Recruit and train a team of interns
Step 2 – Setting daily, weekly and monthly SEO goals
Step 3 – Create your SEO strategies
Step 4 – Analyze SEO strategies and work and change strategies

If you’ll be an Freelancer manager:

Step 1- Find qualified freelancers that want to work with you. I recommend check out the Outsourcing operations course .
Step 2- Setting weekly and monthly SEO goals with your clients and outsources
Step 3- Define SEO strategies with clients and team
Step 4- Learn to use SEO team monitoring tools (as Bright edge ) to provide clients to present them you work