Looop Review: versatile desktop and mobile LMS

L ooop is a learning management system for enterprises on desktop and mobile, aiming at facilitating employee training. After trying it out, we thought it is a great and easy platform to use and we highly recommend them.

Looop fact sheet

Company facts 25 to 30 employees
Based: Australia, Melbourne
Present in: Australia, UK, Spain, US.
Exist since: April 2014.
Interesting facts Raised 2M€ funding in 2014 to enter UK market.
Courses type LMS, Learning management System for Entreprise
Subjects Platform to train employee
Type of elearning Articles, Video, Quizzes
Time to setup course Depends on content, but easy and fast to use.
Company’s aimed at Small to medium entreprise
Cost: Price:
99$/month for 50 users.
249$/month for 250 users.
379$/month for 500 users.
499$/month for 1000 users.
Special quote for more.
Certification 1) Trainee will receive diamonds- A gamified reward system

Overall impression of the Elearnhero team:

The platform comes in very handy. What we like the most is that Loop is very user-friendly. You feel that they have made a great effort into making things intuitive, simple and to the point. Even the least tech-savvy will become familiar with the system quickly. And we like that the platform is easily accessible on smartphones for trainees.

It seems that Looop is building itself the lean way. Building up features from client feedback and request. We also have the impression that Looop is very customer orientated. We tested it out by contacting customer support ( We had a bug while using it). They answered me within 8 hours and told me they would solve the issue within 1-2 days.

As an improvement, we recommend that trainers have more control features to make sure trainees complete their training. Could be allowing trainers to monitor time spent on a document or checking if training videos were finished.

Looop review

  • Ease of use
  • Content delivery
  • Feedback and interaction
  • Learning experience
  • Control feature
  • Price
User Review
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Ease of use 1) Intuitive to use
2) Easy to set up and assign courses to employees
3) Won’t take long to understand different concept (such as spaces and topics)
4) Great user experience from smartphone, tablet & computer
Content delivery 1) Content is well displayed
2) Company claims to be the best LMS across devices (might just be right...)
3) Easy to set up good content (Text, media, quizzes..)
4) Game elements incentivize employees to finish
Suggestions for more features 1) See the progression from trainees. Today it does not monitor if a trainee has watched the whole video. (Easy for trainee to “pretend to have watched the video” .
2) Make questions randomized.
3) Have a forum for questions concerning a particular training
Feedback and interaction 1) Feedback on questions and answers are good.
2) Could benefit from having a system that allows more personal note and email notifications from trainers.
3) Would be great to monitor activity to see the completion levels and evaluate success of training.

Make the best out of Looop

  • Since the platform is so easy to implement, I recommend different teams to get involved to start producing training material.
  • Would aslo suggest having video courses and articles followed by quizzes, this way you’ll know if your employees are following the courses.

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