CSS Layout technics from Team Treehouse

CSS layout technics, team tree house.

Guil Hernandez, Front end teacher at team tree house

With this course, you’ll understand how to use and apply the latest CSS technics. To show you how, Guil will build a menu and create custom layouts using different positioning methods.

Guil is a Front end design specialist and he go into details with the best methods he knows about. In the course, he’ll show you what you the upsides and the downsides of his different methods and he introduces you to his best practice techniques.

Course Overview

Course Learn CSS layout techniques with Guil Hernandez
Course Level Beginner
Duration 3 hours
Provider Team Treehouse
Price You have a two weeks trial period followed by a 25$ a month process!
Certificate Yes, visible on public profile

Guil’s course takes you through all the necessary steps for beginners. His course is easy to follow, and is is a good starting point for improving your CSS and front-end design skills.

Learn CSS layout technics now

Just to say it, I love Team Treehouse’s platform. Courses are well filmed, and you have challenges and quizzes to make sure you got everything. Community is also great and you get your answers to questions super fast! Here ‘s a link to get 3 months off for the annual plan of the pro version.