How to start a startup

Thanks Alexander Kasakov @ GlownetHQ , for recommending this course.

We’ve covered a similar course, How to build a startup , from Steve Blank. This one is a bit different. First, there are different speakers, and you get many different points of views. You have Sam Altman who designed the course. He’s also President of Y Combinator and gives you the investor perspective with facts and numbers about successful startups. His network is also impressive and so you’ll also hear from speakers like Peter Thiel and early Facebook employees.

The course is composed of videos and recommended reading. Then there’s an active community commenting on where you can get feedback from other users with your similar business ideas to yours. And they have a Facebook group as well.

If you’re already familiar with the startups, this talk can be somehow repetitive.

Sam altman, How to start a startup

Sam Altman, President of Y combinator.


Sam Altman, “Its easier to start a hard startup than an easy one. More people will be interested to help you out.”

Alex shultz, Facebook Vice president of Growth
Alex Shultz, Facebook Vice president of Growth

Course overview

2) Developing the community further would be interesting. Looks like the Facebook group is there only to advertise different startups.

Course How to start a startup
Level Beginner
Duration 10 weeks course with one-hour video per week. You’ve also got 4-8 recommended readings per week, which takes 5 mins on average.
Price Free
Certificate No

I think this is the #1 comprehensive set of well designed Stanford speeches and examples covering the set of questions related to all key practical strategic aspects of building startups – ranging from how to do lean startup approach to validate all the way through to how to go for funding, how to use growth strategies for online and mobile startups and covering topics of team, hiring, law questions etc.
Alexander Kazakov

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