How to learn Excel super fast and for free

Thanks Jie Mein Goh (professor at IE Business School) for recommending this course

Course overview

Level Takes you from beginner to advanced
Description Great structure, well explained and easy to follow Excel courses
Price 4 free videos every 12 hours or 7,99$ for a year of unrestricted viewing
Certificate Certificate of completion (premium model)
Duration 85 hours of video (850 separate lessons covering Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013)

Our professor at IE Business School, Jie Mein Goh, introduced this course in class while telling us that it is a great course on how to learn excel fast. I tried it out, and learned Excel with Excel central, so I can confirm her statement.

There are tons of Excel courses out there that offer good Excel courses as well, but I think few packages are as great as this one.

Classes are very well structured, and video quality is good! You can start from a complete beginner level and work your way to up to become an expert. Interesting enough, even though you’ve used Excel for years, there is lots to learn in the Beginner videos. Each video is also accompanied by sample files so that you can practice everything you see in the lectures. There is also a new feature for Excel instructors to use in order to monitor and track student’s progress.

With Excelcentral, you have access to 4 videos every 12 hours for free, or you can simply pay 7,99$ for a year subscription (you won’t find great Excel tutorials for less:).

Our goal is to provide you with the best of courses out there. And we proudly recommend Excelcentral to learn Excel.