How to build a community with Reddit Co-founder, Alexis Ohanian

Reddit cofounder how to build a community

Again, one of these courses that are just short, straight to the point and very helpful about how to create user engagement.

Although I have been using Reddit for some time, I’ve never seen the founder Alexis Ohanian speak before. But this guy is super inspiring, and you see that he cares about his audience. In his course, he provides practical examples, using Reddit and Hipmunk as examples, to explain how to build a community for your business.

Making something people love

Alexis won’t teach you anything new when he says that you should care about your customers. But he will tell you how to do it! You’ll get impressed, by the way he treats his customers as well as persuade you to understand why you should do the same.

He also explains who he created a marketing campaign for under a 500$ budget and why you should do the same! This is perfect for a low budget marketing startup campaign.


“Use any opportunity to surprise them.”

“There is no excuse for terrible user experience.”

“Your UX show me how you respect me [users], there is NO excuse for terrible user experience.”


Reddit cofounder how to build a community

Fact sheet

Course How to make a website using WordPress with Zac Gordon
Level Beginner
Duration One hour
Price 49$/Month (14 free day trial). Worth the time for people that are not familiar with selected topic.
Certificate No

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