Improve your negotiation skills by learning how to argue- Reasoning, Data Analysis and Writing-

On Coursera from Duke University

A skill to have in business is the ability to argue. People are different and with some people, you need valid, logic and well-structured arguments in order to convince them.  In these courses, you’ll learn to argue by constructing explicit arguments, and you’ll also learn to notice when you are being manipulated. Course overview

Course Reasoning, Data Analysis, and Writing (Duke University)
Instructor Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel, Denise Comer, Ram Neta
Course Level Beginner
Duration 12 weeks (5-6 hours a week)
Price Free
Provider Coursera
Certification Yes (premium)

The goal of this course:

  • How to analyze arguments
  • How to evaluate deductive arguments
  • How to evaluate inductive arguments
  • How to avoid fallacies
  • Avoiding the fallacies

This course was one of Coursera’s first big successes and is great for any entrepreneur needing to present clear arguments in negotiation, influence, and presentation.

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