Foundations of Layout and Composition

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Course Foundations of Layout and Composition with Sean Adams
Course Level Beginner
Duration 1h 35
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We have intellectually understood the importance of design for physical products and stores.

Applying and understanding this concept for virtual products has only been understood in masses during the last years. One has to treat one’s virtual assets with as much importance as one gives to physical assets.

For entrepreneurs, understanding basic concepts with Graphic Design will massively help one’s success. Understanding basic concepts of Foundation and Layout, for example, gives a better starting point for understanding where you want your product to go.

All great designs start with a great idea. But we have to understand how to use shape, color and space to communicate that idea.

This course will help you to understand how to apply those concepts and create strong solutions. This course will help most entrepreneurs that don’t have a design background, to understand what they need and how to better communicate the idea with designer.

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Topics in this course include:

  • Topics include:
  • What makes a successful layout?
  • Layout elements: shape, line, color, texture, type, and space
  • Using balance and tension to create a dynamic layout
  • Adding drama with contrast and scale
  • Working with proportions: golden section, rule of thirds, etc.
  • Creating the right grid for your design
  • Choosing simplicity or excess
  • Adding an element of surprise
  • Making images and typography work together

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