The basics of web pages so that even your grandparents can understand!

Web pages are like real estate. The difference is that you cannot touch a website with your fingers (only with a mouse). Hopefully, you’ll see how similar these things are and hopefully you’ll have a more fun angle on how to understand web pages.

A domain name is the address of your property

A domain name is like having a piece of property. The better located and the more attractive that property is, the more expensive it is. The same goes for Domain names: Having a good domain name is like having great properties. Examples of good domain names are:


And like any real physical property, you can sell a domain name. The same way you have real estate brokers, you also have domain brokers.


If you have some property in a city, that property is part of a neighborhood, and the neighborhood is part of a city ( which is part of a country).

To host a website, you need a server. Most people use servers that belong to hosting companies. Hosting companies have thousand of servers, and the server on which your website is hosted is your neighborhood .

If your web page is hosted in a bad neighborhood (server), that can strongly affect your website quality ( such as high loading time). In that case, you want to contact your hosting company and ask them to move your website to another server.

Note: If your hosting company is bad, it’s like living in a bad city or country.  And there are countries that are better to live in than others, and where it’s faster to get things done!

Architect= web designer

When you build a house, you often need an architect to create some building plans for the house. Web designers are the ones that create plans of the websites.

Logically, the better the web designer, the better your website will look like.

Constructors= Web developers

If you want to build a nice house, you need to have qualified constructors. If you hire amateurs to build your house, you might just have lots of problems with your house and end up paying lots in maintenance costs. To build a great website, you need good developers.

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Construction materials= programming language

Depending on what you want to build, you need to make sure that you use the right construction materials and that your constructors knows how to use them. You can have great constructors, but if they haven’t worked with the materials before, they’re probably not the right people for the job.

There are lots of different programming languages. Before you find yourself a programmer to create your web page/ application, you need to know what are the best programming language to create what you want!

You can get a great introduction on how to understand programming fundamentals with Simon Allardice ’s course.

Interior decorator= Front-end developers

When a developer has followed the designer’s plan and finished creating your web page, there’s usually some modifications you want to make it look perfect!

Some people hire interior decorators to make their house look amazing. if you want your web page to look perfect, you can hire front-end developers that designs and changes some visual features of your web page.