What is Product Hunt?

Product Hunt is an online community where users can vote for the best product of the day. You just have to sign up using your Twitter account, and then you’re ready to vote for your favorite product, as well as comment on the different products featured on the platform.

Product Hunt was researched 40, 500 times in January 2015. It’s an excellent opportunity to capture some of that traffic and get feedback from potential users.

How to get massive traffic from Product Hunt?

First things first you need to have a product, it can be a new version of your current, the Android version or something new that you recently did. I have the feeling that Product Hunt are pretty open on what you can feature them.

If you want to be featured, have a look at what products has been featured, and you’ll quickly notice what they will accept. I’ve seen real physical products, blogs, marketing software, e-commerce sites, applications and a lot more. Needless to say,  you need to have a GREAT product to be successful, following their winning ideas I feel that product and services for marketers tend to work a lot better. I feel that product hunt audience are towards marketers and entrepreneurs.

Needless to say,  you need to have a GREAT product to be successful. I checked the winners for the last weeks, and it looks like sales and marketing related products, works the best. It seems that Product Hunt’s audience are primarily marketers and entrepreneurs.

How do you get featured by product hunt?

You need to get in contact with the staff that posts on Product Hunt. It’s fairly easy to find a way to  get in contact. Finding Twitter names and sending a tweet and two words about your projects is a great way to get in contact as well as getting emails (so that you can give more info about your product).

Normally, someone responds to you fairly quickly. If one person of the staff doesn’t answer your tweet, try someone else till you get a response. Once in contact, ask for their email.

Then send them an email to explain and tell about your product in a few words. If they accept you, your product will be featured in the next days.

Be prepared with a video.

The day of you’ll be featured, make sure to have a dedicated landing page so that people can get inspired by your product. If your product is explained with a video, it will be upvoted more as people understand the offering faster.

Asking your friends to upvote you won’t help

Product Hunt sees if you try to refer your network to vote for you on (Facebook, Twitter…), and, therefore, these upvotes won’t c in the rankings. If you want your friends to vote for you, ask them to go directly to Product Hunt’s website, without giving them the link.

In any case, I recommend your friends to vote for what they think is the best product. If it happens to be yours, then you’ll have yourself an honest vote.

Interact with your users

As the creator of the product featured, you are given the opportunity to get a small green badge next to your company name to show that you are joining the conversation as questions arise.

The day you are featured, make sure that you have access to comments as the ‘maker’.

Successful products usually have founders introducing themselves in the comment section and explaining why they decided to create that product. It’s also a good idea to respond fast to interactions.

The M shows that the Maker join the conversation

The M shows that the Maker join the conversation

Choose the right day

Weekdays have a lot more votes than on weekends. Contact the staff at the beginning of the week to make sure you won’t be featured during the weekend.

At Elearnhero.com, we got 2500 unique visitors, and we got featured on 6+ sites after being featured. We think it’s worth a try.

Check Elearnhero on Product Hunt.

Product hunt screenshot

Elearnhero featured on Product Hunt

traffic from product hunt

Google analytics showing incoming traffic from product hunt on Elearnhero

Have you been featured on Product Hunt? Do you want to be? Share with us below!