Applications that will automate and boost your business

Have you ever wondered how you could do your job ten times faster? Well, you can! We summarized a list of  applications and automation technics that can make  your job easier as well as removing repetitive tasks that will drain energy and make you lose time.

Let’s start with social Media. Everyone one responsible for the social media strategy knows how frustrating it is to open Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin just so that you can post the same post…

Social Media automation

If you want to automate your social media (and become more productive), check out these applications:



With Bufferapp, you can share different posts on different social medias at the same time! You have the choice of which Social Media to post in. This app also includes:

  • Post schedules
  • Good analytics feature

#2 Zapier : For B2B oriented businesses


It automates trigger based action. E.g. Every time your post a new post, then share with others. When your server is down, send a message to inform your community.

Wheater is nice

#3 IFTTP – Similar to Zapier but for B2C oriented businesses

There are unlimited number of triggers you can use. A really cool feature is to create an automated Twitter list in order to build a community of users.


Lead optimization

For more advanced automation that will create lead generations, the idea is to develop customized automation processes. The strategy is to take advantage of other people’s networks (OPN) such as (Linkedin, Facebook, Ebay, Google+, Pinterest, Craiglist, Instagram…), and use information from those OPNs to automatically target prospecting leads:

When Airbnb started their business, they had a pretty interesting growth hacking strategy. Instead of focusing on developing their own network, they leveraged on Craiglist’s existing network, to drive users. So whenever someone posted an add on Airbnb, that add was automatically posted on Craigslist. If someone clicked on that add, that user would automatically be redirected to Airbnb.

Paypal used a similar approach. First, they mapped all Ebay vendors that hadn’t a connected Paypal account. Then, they created a system to automatically send emails to those vendors while pretending they were potential clients. In this emails, they wrote that they would love to buy the vendor’s products, but that they would only buy it if they use pay with Paypal. They had a massive adoption rate with this strategy.

And all of these processes can be coded in Javascript and they are super useful for growth hacking. Recommended applications for customized automation are:

  • Phantomjs (scriptable with a Javascript API)
  • iMacros for Firefox and Chrome (less bugs on Firefox)

The process is to ask yourself:

  • Which processes do I want automated to create leads?
  • Which networks can I leverage on to find targeted users?
  • How can I use that network to create targeted leads?
  • Get a developer to create

To look for more Growth Hacks, check out

  • Growthhacker.TV
  • (talks a lot about the universe of automization of bots and scraps)

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