Gamify your Business

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You probably heard about gamification and especially its application to businesses. Companies use it for employee motivation, productivity, customer engagement and motivating the community.

The most successful people, in whatever field, are successful because they have fun because they gamify their lives. They turn what they do into games.

For business people, negotiation is fun when it becomes a game (the game becomes to “win” the negotiation). Good sales have fun trying to understand the customer and find a way to convince him. Even emptying the dishwasher can be fun if you turn it into a game.

Over the years, the appliance of gamification for businesses has exploded. But applying game elements correctly is not as easy as it sounds. It is not just about adding badges.

If you are planning to create an app or your online business and you want high customer engagement or a strong community, this course can be very valuable! If you check out, you can quickly see how they have turned language learning both social and more game like!

The course takes you into the psychological aspects behind motivation and how one can motivate users by applying game elements. You’ll also get introduced to several design frameworks.

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Course Gamification with Kevin Werbach on Coursera
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12 chapters: 1) What is Gamification? 2) Games 3) Game Thinking 4) Game Elements 5) Psychology and Motivation 6) Psychology and Motivation 7) Gamification Design Framework 8) Design Choices 9) Enterprise Gamification 10) Social Good and Behavior Change 11) Critiques and Risks 12) Beyond the Basics