Outsourcing for startups

James Moran Yipit cofounder Outsourcing for startups

James Moran Yipit co-founder

There is such an unexplored potential with outsourcing parts of your business. If you haven’t considered outsourcing for your startup, it is about time you do. There is great potential to accelerate your business.

James Moran, co-founder at Yipit (Coupons) go through why and how he outsources. He mentions that outsourcing will not only help you focus on what your startup is good at, but it can also help you leverage your actions. He shares his story how he managed to get 10,000 business addresses in a proper format overnight.

James go through what can and cannot be outsourced. He mentions platforms that he uses on a daily basis such as Elance.com or Odesk.com. He also mentions that when outsourcing you should hire several freelancers in order to compare and negotiate the best price.


“Always do a trial, pay freelancers for test. Don’t do average people. Always pick A+ freelancers.”

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