Introduction to Graphic Design

When Lynda their first 1 million Facebook likes, this was one of the courses that was voted by the Lynda community to be available for free.

This course shows you how to create your own logo with Photoshop and Illustrator. Perfect if you want to become a Graphic designer or simply because you are starting your own business and need to create your logos.

In the course, Justin shows you how to get started in the design. He starts by covering layout, typography and color. He then covers Adobe Illustrator where you’ll build custom logo from scratch followed by Photoshop to adjust, repair and retouch images.  The course ends with using Adobe to create layouts ready to be printed.

Course overview

Course Introduction to Graphic Design with Justin Seeley
Course Level Beginner
Duration 4h 56
Price Monthly subscription to ( from 25$)
Certificate Yes

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