Online course review: Visual Design hacking

Learn visual basic online with Purin Phanichphant,Senior product and interaction designer at a design consulting firm. If you have no idea about web design, I recommend taking this course. Purin mentions the basic concepts that you should follow to have a neat design. He also shares designers font that you can download, as well as giving practical advice on how to use Keynote.

Learn visual basic online

Purin Phanichphant
Product Designer, IDEO

Level Beginner
Duration 59 mins
Content quality Good insight about the basic concepts of Visual design. The speaker shares how he gets inspired and can be interesting if applied to onself.
-Well recorded
Ease of use The platform provides video as well as one pdf document per course. It's easy to use and the video loads very nicely.
Feedback and interaction 1) No feedback or interaction with the teacher.
2) Suggestions: Quizzes, questionnaires to enhance the learning experience.
Category Design
Certificate No
Price / time 49$/Month (14 free day trial). Worth the time if you are not familiar with the selected topic.
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Visual design hacking: Chapters

learn visual basic online

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