Foundations of Typography

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Course Foundations of Typography with Ina Saltz
Course Level Beginner
Duration 2h 23
Price Monthly subscription to ( from 25$)
Certificate Yes

Typography is another pillar of Graphic Design. You might wonder why bother spending time on such small details as Typography. Well, typography controls stories but are also able to tell stories with words and visual design. Typography has a huge psychology affect on us. That is not surprising considering how much of your lives, we’ve spent reading and writing.

In this course, Ina Saltz uses her experience to explain how to pair typefaces. She also explains how tremendous the effect of good typefaces can be on design and messages.

This course quickly teaches and explains you the ideas and core concepts that will allow you to manage your virtual product better by understanding how you can improve it! Great course!

Topics include:

  • What is typography?
  • Differentiating type characteristics
  • Using ornamental and decorative type
  • Combining typefaces
  • Using contrast and scale
  • Kerning and kerning pairs
  • Choosing the optimum line length
  • Aligning and spacing characters, words, and paragraphs
  • Understanding factors affecting legibility
  • Working with three-dimensional type
  • Putting type in motion


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