Foundations of Color with Mary Jane Begin

Secrets of colors

Course Foundations of Color with Mary Jane Begin
Course Level Beginner
Duration 1h 57m
Price Monthly subscription to ( from 25$)
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The psychology of colors is pretty fascinating. That goes for understanding how different colors affect our psychology and how it triggers our emotions. Most online entrepreneurs spend lots of time A/B testing buttons, colors, and pictures. Understanding the psychology of colors will help your A/B testing by filtering out options and quicker being able to adapt to your target audience. As a complete stranger to this field, I loved taking this class. It covers many so many areas of and will probably help you in several areas of your business and personal life. Recommendable!

Topics include:

  • Understanding why color is essential for you as an artist, designer, or human being
  • Storytelling with color
  • Understanding brand identity and color language
  • Reviewing the history of color usage, from print to digital
  • Working with the color wheel
  • Understanding value, saturation, and temperature
  • Seeing through color: opaque, translucent, and transparent
  • Creating contrast
  • Exploring depth of field
  • Seeing complementary relationships in light
  • Achieving harmony and discord in a palette
  • Understanding color blindness

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