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Course Programming fundamentals with Simon Allardice on Lynda.com
Course Level Beginner
Price Monthly subscription to Lynda.com ( from 25$)

If your goal is to improve recruitment of developers, manage a team of developer, or learn to code yourself, you should check out this course for fast learning. This course is great to learn programming fundamentals, whatever your background and age.

First of all, it’s super simply explained, and it’s to the point. You’ll also learn the difference between programming languages (C++, Java, Javascript, Perl,  PHP, Python, Objective-C, Ruby, Visual Basic…).  Learning the fundaments is essential for entrepreneurs with little funds trying to recruit developers.

As part of the course, you’ll also learn to write and execute your first application while understanding how and why the code is executed.

For someone with a business background and with few fundamentals in programming, I understood his explanation with simplicity, although I usually fall off the track pretty quickly with   technical courses.

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