5 reasons how training your future employees might be the best way to hire them

Ruby on rails Bootcamp organised by Pilot.co

Ruby on rails Bootcamp organised by Pilot.co

I just finished a two-week Ruby on Rails boot camp organised by Pilot. The bootcamp with 20 attendees aimed at teaching coders and programmers the basics of Ruby on Rails. For the attendees, the best part, is that this course was completely free. And actually, Pilot’s purpose with the Bootcamp, was to hire talented people that would fit into the culture of the company. I got to know that was looking to hire junior developers, and what a clever method to so! In this post, I’ll list 5 reasons why I think Bootcamps are great hiring strategies.

5) Hire the best

First of all, you’ll attract people that are eager to learn new stuff when you say that you are looking for candidates to join your Bootcamp. Before you accept people to join your Bootcamp, you have an interview with them. This interview allows you to make a pre-selection of interesting candidates as well as making sure that you’ll have a dynamic group for the training.

For the company organising the Bootcamp, the best part is that you’ll learn a lot about the different candidates. After two weeks, it is easy to see who has the capabilities and personality you are searching for.

4) You know their work ethic

It is easy to find patterns with only 20 people in classes. For example, who will show up on time? Who stays the longest? Who are the ones that are the most eager to work? Who has the best learning curve? Who is the most  motivated? These are all details you would love to know about your candidates, but that you just don’t have the luxury to know before you hire them. Unless, of course, you organise a Bootcamp!

3) It’s cheaper in the long term

If you want a great company, you need to find a hire the best people. Hiring average people can cost your company a lot of resources. Whereas traditional hiring process is usually done with two to three interview before reaching a final decision. In over 20%, one hires the wrong people. It can be costly if you need to fire these persons later. It also reflects poorly on the culture- Firing people have negative effects on the culture and it also communicates that you have a company culture where people don’t know to make the right decisions.

Setting up a training camps is an investment. Above all, you’ll need some of your employees that will set aside weeks of their work to train and monitor potential candidates. If you are looking long-term, this can be a very safe investment. When you choose the right people, it quickly becomes beneficial for the company.

2) You can tell exactly what people know

In traditional hiring processes, it is easier to exaggerate one’s skills. When candidates pass trainings, they’ll have no choice but to show you who they are, what they know and how they think.

1) It shows how much you care

Training future employees also shows that you care about them. It means you are willing to invest in them because you believe they are valuable. It also communicates to the rest of the company how much you care about the culture and how much you want it to work.